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Bet LA Tech +23 @ Mississippi State 11/3

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The pick-of-the-week for November 03 has nothing to do with Alabama or their first real test of the season in LSU.

Peter Egan

Instead, has identified the Louisiana Tech (+23) at Mississippi State game as the one on which the We Pick editors will be wagering their own money. The consensus seems to be that Mississippi State doesn’t have enough offense to win this game by 23, and that LA Tech’s offense is better than advertised and matches up about as well against the Starkville Bulldogs in terms of playing style as anyone.

The Ruston Bulldogs should score enough points to easily beat the 23 point spread given MSU’s limitations on offense. Furthermore, the Maroon Bulldogs’ impenetrable run defense shouldn’t be much of a factor against a team that would rather air it out anyway in Louisiana Tech, and they have a quarterback capable of making tough throws against at least one better secondary than State (LSU).

Finally, the two teams have each played LSU as a common opponent. LSU beat LTU by 17, MSU by 16. While every intelligent bettor knows that the transitive property is not a wise criterion on which to place a bet, however in this instance I think it says enough about LTU’s offense and MSU’s defense to make betting LTU +23 like bank robbery that’s legal in 41 states.

For everyone who reads this post and bets accordingly, you’re welcome in advance.

OFFICIAL PREDICTION:  Mississippi State 27, Louisiana Tech 16*

*Winner based on odds at time of publishing (LTU +23 @ MSU).

This post was written by Peter Egan, founder and lead content editor. Egan published a more detailed breakdown of this game and its betting implications on his official (personal) blog.

LA Tech vs Mississippi State Free Football Picks

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