Submit Your Week 14 NCAA Football Picks Now!

NCAA Football Week 14 Pick ‘Em Contest Now Live – Submit Your Picks Now!

The very first installation of We Pick’s “pick ’em” contest is now live. Please visit the page, submit your picks and then check back after the games have been played.

Simply check one of the teams for each game, then click the button that reads “submit picks.”

Your picks will then be stored in your WePick account and will go towards your totals (averaged with future picks to determine your success rate).

Please click here to submit your Week 14 NCAA Football picks.

This week’s installation features the conference championship games from the ACC, SEC, BIG TEN and PAC-12, along with the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game.

This is the very first installation of what we anticipate to be many, many more to come.

While we only have five college football games available this week, we intend to enable picks to be submitted for all bowl games, and an NFL section is underway as well. Once that is completed, we will begin branching out into various other sports.


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